Dschinni glass head Phunnel Apollon (certified laboratory glass high borosilicate glass 3.3)

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Dschinni glass phunnel head Apollon: A revolutionary in water pipe enjoyment

1. Introduction

The world of water pipe enjoyment has a new star: the Genie Apollon glass pipe bowl. In this article, we will introduce you to the unique features and benefits of this revolutionary phunnel and how it can take your shisha experience to a new level.

2. The magic of the Apollon glass tunnel head

The Dschinni Apollon glass pipe bowl was designed to make water pipe smoking easier than ever before. Wasting tobacco is a thing of the past and every puff becomes an explosion of flavor. This phunnel features a high-quality stainless steel MOD that directs the airflow throughout the tobacco, ensuring a genuine taste.

3. Highest quality materials

The Dschinni Apollon glass phunnel head is made of high-quality borosilicate glass 3.3, which is not only tasteless, but also easy to clean and extremely heat-resistant. This means you can enjoy your phunnel for a long time without having to compromise on quality.

4. Easy to assemble

Assembling the Apollon glass phunnel head is incredibly easy. Follow this guide:

4.1. Put MOD in your head

Place the stainless steel MOD into the head of the phunnel.

4.2. Build the tobacco loosely up to the mark

Build the tobacco loosely up to the mark in the phunnel.

4.3. Place the HMD attachment on top and fill it with coal

Place the HMD attachment on and fill it with coal.

4.4. Enjoy a taste explosion

Now enjoy an incomparable taste explosion with every puff.

5. The advantages of the Apollon glass phunnel head

5.1. Neutral in taste

Thanks to the high-quality borosilicate glass, the taste of the tobacco remains unadulterated and you can enjoy every flavor to the fullest.

5.2. No molasses intake

In contrast to conventional clay and stone products, the Apollon glass phunnel bowl does not absorb molasses, which means the tobacco lasts longer.

5.3. Long-lasting quality

The use of high-quality materials and the stainless steel MOD ensure a long service life of the phunnel.

5.4. Suitable for everyone

The Dschinni Apollon glass pipe bowl is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users and professionals who are looking for an unforgettable water pipe experience.


Made entirely from certified borosilicate 3.3 laboratory glass

The Genie Apollo's glass phunnel is stable and heat-resistant.

The stainless steel mod makes building the phunnel easier

and ensures optimal air circulation. Anyone can use it without previous experience.

Integrated heat-insulated silicone handle

Thanks to the integrated handle, there is no need to transport the shisha charcoal with tongs.

A genuine taste experience

By holding the Dschinni glass phunnel head Apollon Molasse effectively in the shisha head. The use of the high-quality phunnel guarantees an unforgettable shisha experience. Enjoy your tobacco in full purity with the Genie Apollon.

Technical details

The Dschinni Apollon glass pipe bowl is an absolute must-have for every water pipe lover. With its unique construction, high-quality materials and incomparable taste explosions, it takes shisha smoking to a new level. Try it now and experience a new dimension of water pipe enjoyment!


  • High borosilicate glass 3.3
Bowl material:

Glass & smoke columns connection:

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