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If you are looking for a unique and relaxing experience that takes you into a world of exotic flavors and scents, then Dschinni Shisha is the place for you! From classic designs to modern and innovative models, we have something for every taste and every preference the perfect shisha. In our shop you can buy all types of shisha online and get the right accessories such as tobacco, charcoal or mouthpieces.


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Miklo Shisha Set - Schwarz - Einsteiger Shisha
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The Cube Party Full Set - 1
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Aztec Shisha Kategorie 4 Shisha Set
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Mio Silber 2.0 Sets - 1
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Legend Shisha - Weiß - 1
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Foxx Shisha Sets - Silber Set - 1
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Pico Pink Shisha Sets - 1
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Chucky Clear Sets - Pink - 1
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Pico Silber Set - 1
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Hookah experience: immerse yourself in the world of authentic shisha enjoyment

Unique hookahs for an authentic shisha experience

Sometimes you discover the fascination of smoking shisha while on vacation. For others, it's a relaxed bar night that introduces them to hookah culture for the first time. Such an experience often leaves lasting memories of cozy and relaxed moments. Treat yourself to such special moments at home with the right equipment from the Dschinni Shisha online shop.

Find your perfect shisha in the Dschinni online shop

The ideal shisha shop to visit is to make a connection with a hookah that will last a lifetime. Every shisha is unique and should be like a good first date: honest, uncomplicated and valuable. If you experience this feeling, you have undoubtedly found your ideal hookah.

Browse online from the comfort of your sofa and discover the hookah made for you. With secure payment options such as direct debit or credit card, you can order your desired product. Prepare yourself for pleasurable evenings in which you can enjoy the fine tobacco aromas. Use this time for yourself, share it with friends and appreciate the quiet moments that often mean more than a thousand words.

Shisha: A cultural heritage that lasts for generations

The modern shisha has its roots in Arabic culture. Already in the 16th century it was a sign of prestige and respect among the experienced men of the Orient. Today, the culture of the hookah has found its way into our society and is growing in popularity. A visit to the Dschinni Shisha online shop is more than just a purchase - it is a step towards an intercultural experience.

All About Hookahs: A Guide To How It Works And The Components

Hookahs are fascinating devices that have a long tradition and are enjoyed in many cultures. If you've always wondered how exactly a shisha works and how to smoke the aromatic shisha tobacco using a bowl filled with water, then you've come to the right place. In this article we will offer you a detailed look at the different components of a hookah and provide all the information you need to understand the basic principle of these hookahs.

The elements of a shisha in detail

Coal - the heart of the heat

One of the most important components of a shisha is the charcoal. Quality charcoals are critical to generating the right heat needed to heat the tobacco and produce the delicious smoke. Good quality charcoal ensures an even and long-lasting heat, which improves the shisha experience.

Heat Management Device (HMD) - Precise heat control

Modern hookahs often use a heat management device, called HMD for short. This device allows precise heat control by placing the coals on the tobacco and regulating the airflow. This achieves efficient combustion and optimally releases the taste of the tobacco.

Aluminium foil - The barrier between the coal and the tobacco

The aluminum foil is placed over the tobacco and serves as a barrier between the coals and the tobacco. It helps distribute the heat evenly and prevents direct contact between the coals and the tobacco, avoiding excessive heat exposure.

Tobacco - the source of flavor

High-quality tobacco is the key to an intense shisha experience. The tobacco is offered in different flavors and is responsible for the aromatic smoke. Be sure to use quality tobacco to experience the full benefit.

Head and head adapter - preparing the tobacco

The head is the shell into which the tobacco is filled. It can have different forms and influences the development of smoke. The head adapter connects the head to the smoke column and ensures a secure fit.

Charcoal plate - ash catch basin

The charcoal plate is located under the head and catches the ash from the coals. This prevents the ash from affecting the tobacco and ensures a clean shisha.

Smoke column - the path of the smoke

The smoke column is a central element through which the smoke travels from the head to the base. It can be artistically decorated and gives the shisha its characteristic appearance.

Base - water reservoir and stability

The base contains the water that cools down the smoke while smoking. It also ensures the stability of the shisha. Be sure to fill with enough water to ensure a comfortable smoking experience.

Hose connection - connecting element

The hose connection connects the smoke column with the hose. It is important for air circulation and draw resistance during smoking.

Dip tube - underwater path for the smoke

The dip tube extends into the water of the base and allows the smoke to go underwater. This further cools the smoke before it is inhaled.

Diffuser (optional) - softer bubbling

A diffuser can be attached to the immersion tube to make the bubbling of the water softer. This reduces noise and vibration.

Bowl - Holds the water

The bowl is the container that is filled with water and in which the column of smoke stands. It plays a crucial role in cooling and purifying the smoke.

Water - The cooling

Water is essential for the shisha experience. It cools the smoke down before it is inhaled, making for a pleasant taste and a smooth feeling in the throat.

Hose and mouthpiece - the path of pleasure

The hose and mouthpiece are the last stations on the smoke path. This is where the draw and the enjoyment of the aromatic steam takes place. Make sure to clean the tube regularly to ensure the best flavor possible.


A shisha is more than just a smoking device - it is an experience. Every element of the shisha contributes to this experience, from the charcoal to the mouthpiece. With this knowledge, you can fully enjoy your hookah experience and get the most out of every hit. Remember to use high-quality components and take care of your shisha regularly to enjoy it for a long time.

All about how a hookah works

Basics of how hookah works

When it comes to enjoying a relaxing hookah session, it's important to understand how this popular device works . Whether you are an experienced shisha lover or a beginner, these basic steps explain how a shisha works to give you the best possible experience.

Preparation is key

Before you head out into the world of hookah smoking, thorough preparation is essential. Make sure your shisha is ready by following the steps below:

  1. Fill bowl: Fill the bowl with water. The amount of water can vary based on personal preference, but be careful not to overfill or empty.
  2. Prepare tobacco: Fill the bowl with your preferred tobacco. Make sure to distribute the tobacco evenly to achieve optimal smoke development.
  3. Light the coals: Light the coals until they glow evenly. This may take a few minutes, so be patient.
  4. Place coals: Place the glowing coals on your HMD (Heat Management System) and let them preheat briefly. This regulates the heat during the session.

The moment of pleasure

As soon as your shisha is prepared, you can start the relaxing ritual. Here's how to get the most out of your hookah session:

  1. Use the mouthpiece: Place the mouthpiece on your lips and draw gently to draw the smoke into the hookah conduct.
  2. Draw Through Layers: The smoke now flows through multiple layers. It passes through the bowl, where the tobacco is heated, and then continues through the column of smoke.
  3. Cooling by water: The smoke now enters the bowl, where it hits the water meets. This is where the smoke is cooled, making it pleasantly mild and allowing it to develop its full flavor.
  4. The last way: Finally, the cooled smoke pulls through the tube and reaches your lips. At this step, you can enjoy the full flavor of your favorite tobacco.

The Specialties of Dschinni Hookah Shisha

Among the different hookah brands on the market, Dschinni Hookah Shisha stands out for its quality and innovation known. Their hookahs follow the basic operating principle, but also offer some special features:

  1. Innovative design: Dschinni Hookah offers hookahs with a modern design and thoughtful details that improve the smoking experience.
  2. Material quality: The use of high-quality materials ensures longevity and optimal smoking quality.
  3. Variety of flavors: There is a wide range of tobacco flavors to match the shisha meet the needs and preferences of every smoker.


The workings of a shisha may seem complex at first glance, but with a little understanding and preparation you can get the most out of your shisha -Get session out. From the right preparation to the relaxed moment of pleasure, shisha smoking offers a unique way to spend time with friends while experiencing exquisite taste.

Everything about the blow-off in hookahs

The blow-off: a detailed explanation

The term "blow-off" may sound new, but it harbors an exciting concept that can transform the way you enjoy smoking in your hookah. In this article we will take a closer look at the blow-off and explore how it works, benefits and possible variations.

What exactly is a blow-off?

The Blow-Off is an innovative way to control the smoke in your shisha and create interesting visual effects. In contrast to the conventional development of smoke in a shisha, where the smoke is directed through the water, the blow-off works on a slightly different principle.

How the blow-off works

A fascinating technique is used for the blow-off. Instead of cooling the smoke or passing it through the water, the existing smoke is blown directly through special openings in the base, smoke column or coal plate. These openings are usually equipped with small balls that play a crucial role. They prevent fresh air from getting through the outlet openings in an uncontrolled manner.

The decisive moment occurs when the blow-off is activated. The resulting overpressure in the bowl generates enough force to lift the small balls. This movement causes the smoke - depending on the shisha construction - to exit at the specially designed blow-off outlets. The result is an impressive visual spectacle.

Variations of the blow-off

The exciting development of the blow-off has led to a multitude of variations that hookah enthusiasts inspire. Some models even offer the possibility to adjust the blow-off to your preferences. So it can either be rebuilt between smoke sessions or even switched effortlessly during a session. This innovation makes it possible to customize the smoking experience and provide variety.

The pioneers of the blow-off concept

Some shisha models have the blow-off -Concept popularized in the industry. These pioneers include the classics like the Dschinni Roxx, Dschinni Foxx and the Dschinni Blowoff. These models have not only perfected the functionality of the blow-off, but also created a new level of smoking pleasure.

Conclusion: Your smoking adventure with blow-off

Now, since you know the fascinating functionality of the blow-off, nothing stands in the way of your next smoking adventure. The innovative technology makes it possible to experience and visually enjoy the smoke in the shisha in a completely new way. Whether you choose a model with variable settings or try the pioneers of the blow-off concept, one thing is certain: the blow-off will take your hookah experience to a higher level. Experience the future of hookah smoking now!

The perfect shisha: Quality and pleasure combined

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to buying the perfect shisha. Here at [Our Company] we have years of experience in the hookah industry and we want to help you find the best hookah to meet your needs for quality and enjoyment. Our experts have curated a selection of the best hookahs on the market to ensure you can make an informed choice. In this article we are going to give you an overview of different aspects to consider when buying a hookah to ensure you get the best possible smoking experience.

Why a high-quality shisha is important

A high-quality shisha is the key to a first-class smoking experience. Not only does it ensure smooth airflow and even heat distribution, it also affects the flavor and quality of the vapor produced. Inferior hookahs can cause leaks, uneven combustion and a bad taste experience. It is therefore important to invest in a quality hookah to ensure maximum pleasure and relaxation.

Materials and workmanship

The key to a high-quality shisha lies in the materials used and the workmanship. We recommend hookahs that are made of stainless steel as this material is durable, corrosion resistant and heat resistant. In addition, precise processing ensures that all components fit together seamlessly. This not only ensures optimal smoke development, but also makes cleaning and maintaining the shisha easier.

Choosing the right design

Choosing the right design is not only aesthetically important, it can also impact your smoking experience. Hookahs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from classic to modern designs. Choose a design that suits your personal style and preferences. Also, pay attention to details like the number of hose connections and the ability to add enhancements like a molasses catcher.

The importance of the bowl

The bowl, also known as the water vessel, plays a crucial role in the shisha. It affects the smoking process and can improve the flavor of the vapor. We recommend bowls made of high-quality glass or crystal, as these materials do not affect the taste and at the same time are a visually appealing element. Be sure to choose a bowl with sufficient capacity to ensure an enjoyable smoking experience.

Choosing the right charcoal

The right charcoal is of great importance for the shisha experience. Natural charcoal is usually the best choice as it doesn't give off any flavor and allows for even heat distribution. Be sure to light the coals properly and allow them to glow sufficiently before placing them on the tobacco bowl.

Care and maintenance

Regular care and maintenance of your shisha helps to extend its life and ensure an optimal smoking experience. Rinse all components thoroughly after each use and clean regularly with warm water and mild detergent. Also check seals and hoses for wear and replace if necessary.


All in all, buying a high-quality shisha is a step towards ultimate relaxation and enjoyment. Pay attention to materials, workmanship, design, bowl, charcoal and regular maintenance to ensure that your hookah is always in the best condition. At [Our Company] we pride ourselves on offering you an exclusive selection of premium hookahs that will exceed your expectations. Immerse yourself in the world of shisha smoking and experience quality and enjoyment in perfection.