Replacement valve balls for multi-hose shisha


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What are replacement valve balls for multi-hose shisha?

Are you interested in smoking a shisha with friends? Then replacement valve balls for multi-hose shisha are indispensable. These special valve balls serve as check valves that are inserted into each hose connection of a shisha. If you smoke alone, you can remove the balls from your connection to be able to blow into the shisha, which would otherwise not be possible with a ball. The balls are usually placed in a sleeve that is screwed into the shisha beforehand. A star-shaped stopper prevents the balls from being pulled into the hose. This means you no longer have to close the shisha manually if several people are smoking at the same time.

Our product range and options

  • We have balls in all possible sizes , depending on the needs of your shisha. Whether you have a small or large shisha, we offer the right size.
  • Our balls are available in different materials. You can choose between glass , polyamide or metal . Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on how light or heavy the ball should be.
  • Decide for yourself whether little or a lot of pressure is necessary to blow into or out of the shisha. Polyamide balls are hollow and therefore lighter, which offers certain functional advantages.
  • Valve balls with and without stoppers are available, depending on whether you need additional security against the balls retracting.
  • We offer not only single balls, but also balls individually or with sleeves . This makes replacement and installation easier.
  • With our balls you can ensure that your shisha seals and seals perfectly. This guarantees an optimal smoking experience.

Hints, tips and tricks

Make sure to always keep your balls dry or dry them thoroughly after cleaning. A film of water on the balls or the sleeve can impair their function and cause your hookah to not seal properly. When cleaning the hookah, it is important that you take good care of the balls and sleeves to ensure a long life and optimal functionality.

By using the right replacement valve balls for multi-hose shisha, you can enjoy the smoking experience with friends without complications. Try different sizes and materials to find the perfect fit and function for your shisha.