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Shisha smoking has become a popular pastime, bringing people from all over the world together to enjoy the joy of aromatic tobacco and socializing. A crucial element of this experience is the hose through which the smoke is inhaled. In this article we will introduce the Dschinni Snakehose - a hose specially designed for on-the-go and outdoor use that takes shisha smoking to a new level.

The innovation of the Genie Snakehose

The Genie Snakehose is more than just an ordinary hose. It is designed with innovative features to provide a smooth and intense shisha smoking experience. One of the most notable features are the grooves that run along the surface of the hose. These grooves serve to prevent unwanted kinking of the hose, which interrupts the airflow and could impair enjoyment.

Ergonomic mouthpiece for comfort

Another outstanding feature of the Genie Snakehose is the ergonomically shaped mouthpiece on the handle. This design not only allows for a firm grip, but also ensures a comfortable mouthfeel while smoking. This makes smoking shisha a comfortable and relaxed experience where the focus is on the flavors of the tobacco.

The emphasis on flavors

A notable result of using the Genie Snakehose is the improved emphasis on flavors. The grooves and the special shape of the mouthpiece ensure that the smoke flows smoothly and evenly, which fully brings out the aromas of the tobacco used. Many shisha smokers prefer the Genie Snakehose when they want to enjoy fruity flavors such as apple or grape, as the nuances and notes of these flavors are enhanced.

Practical end pieces and adaptability

The Dschinni Snakehose is equipped with a 14.4 cut on its end. This end piece fits perfectly on any Dschinni hose adapter with the same cut. This adaptability allows smokers to easily swap or adjust the hose to suit their personal preferences.

Easy to care for and hygienic

The developers of the Genie Snakehose also thought about care and hygiene. The hose is washable and tasteless, meaning residue can be easily removed and no unwanted taste changes will occur. It is recommended to rinse and clean the Genie Snakehose regularly to ensure an optimal smoking experience.

Advantages of the Genie Snakehose

The Dschinni Snakehose offers a variety of benefits for shisha smokers:

  • Affordable: Compared to other high-quality hoses, the Dschinni Snakehose is affordable yet offers excellent performance.

  • Easy to transport: Thanks to its compact size and low weight, the Dschinni Snakehose is the ideal companion for on the go and outdoors.

  • Hygienic: The ability to clean the hose contributes to hygienic use, so you can enjoy every smoking experience.

  • Washable: Easy cleaning ensures that no taste residue remains between different types of tobacco.

  • Does not kink: The grooves on the surface effectively prevent the hose from kinking, which leads to an even flow.

  • Travel and Outdoor Hose: The Dschinni Snakehose is specifically designed for travel and outdoor use to ensure you can take your shisha smoking experience with you wherever you go.


    The Dschinni Snakehose is the perfect travel and outdoor hose thanks to its low weight

    The grooves on the surface effectively prevent the hose from kinking

    We recommend rinsing and cleaning the Genie Snakehose regularly

    The mouthpiece has an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in the hand

    Technical details

    The Genie Snakehose is undoubtedly a remarkable innovation in the field of shisha smoking. With its innovative features, emphasis on flavors, adaptability and easy care, it meets the needs and expectations of modern shisha smokers. Whether you are a casual smoker or a passionate enthusiast, the Genie Snakehose will undoubtedly enhance your smoking experience.

    Shisha Silikon Schlauch Set Snakehose 14.4 Schliff - Dschinni GmbH
    Shisha silicone hose set snakehose 14.4 cut Sale price€3,90 Regular price€5,90
    Shisha Silikon Schlauch Set Snakehose 14.4 Schliff - Dschinni GmbH
    Shisha silicone hose set snakehose 14.4 cut Sale price€3,90 Regular price€5,90
    • Length: 400mm
    • Inner diameter: 14 mm
    • Length: 400mm
    • Inner diameter: 14 mm


    • plastic
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