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Molasses catcher made of glass skull from Dschinni: A visual and functional highlight for your shisha

Shisha smoking is an ancient tradition that has taken a modern twist in recent years. Using high-quality accessories can improve the overall hookah experience. One such accessory is the glass molasses catcher in the shape of a skull from Dschinni. In this article, we take a closer look at this unique product that is not only visually appealing but also offers a number of functional benefits.

The skull molasses catcher: a combination of aesthetics and functionality

Universal applicability for all shisha brands

The skull molasses catcher is characterized by its 18/8 standard cut, which fits all shisha brands. Whether you own a traditional or modern hookah, this molasses catcher is compatible and will add extra visual flair to your hookah. The unique skull shape is not only an eye-catcher, but also a topic of conversation during your shisha evenings.

High quality manufacturing from borosilicate glass

The quality of a molasses catcher is directly related to durability and performance. This skull molasses catcher is made from high quality borosilicate glass, which not only offers excellent heat resistance and transparency but also ensures superior glass construction. The industrial-grade cut ensures that the molasses catcher fits the hookah perfectly and ensures a complete seal.

Effective capture of excess molasses

A common problem when smoking shisha is the influx of excess molasses into the smoke column. The skull molasses catcher serves as a barrier that effectively solves this problem. It prevents excess molasses from getting into the smoke column, which not only makes cleaning the shisha easier, but also extends the life of your shisha.

Smooth smoke evacuation for an intense experience

The passage of the molasses catcher is cleverly located on the back of the skull. This ensures that the flue does not become clogged during use. You can rely on large amounts of smoke to flow smoothly, resulting in an intense and enjoyable shisha experience. The innovative design helps ensure that the flow of smoke remains undisturbed.


The glass molasses catcher in the shape of a skull from Dschinni is more than just an accessory for your shisha. It combines visual aesthetics with functional benefits and helps take your shisha experience to a new level. The high-quality manufacturing, effective molasses capture and smooth smoke extraction make it an indispensable companion for every shisha lover.

frequently asked Questions

1. Does the molasses catcher fit every brand of shisha?

Yes, the skull molasses catcher uses the 18/8 standard cut and is therefore compatible with all shisha brands.

2. How is the molasses catcher cleaned?

The molasses catcher can be easily removed and cleaned. We recommend cleaning it regularly to ensure optimal performance.

3. Does the molasses catcher change the taste of the smoke?

No, the molasses catcher does not affect the taste of the shisha smoke. It simply prevents excess molasses from flowing in.

4. Can the molasses catcher keep up with large amounts of smoke?

Yes, the design of the molasses catcher allows for smooth extraction even with large amounts of smoke, ensuring an intense shisha experience.

5. Where can I purchase the Skull Molasses Catcher?

You can find the glass skull molasses catcher on our website at the following link:


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