Evil Spiral Mouthpiece (High Borosilicate Glass 3.3)

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Evil Spiral mouthpiece

Glass is the perfect material for a mouthpiece; it is a very chemical and temperature-resistant glass that is primarily used for glassware in laboratories, chemical engineering and in the home.

Nowadays, many people avoid aluminum or other metals; they certainly don't want them near their mouths.

Of course, glass can break, but that doesn't stop us from using them at home as drinking glasses because the advantages are obvious.

The mouthpiece got its name because of its shape, which is difficult to produce but is precisely what gives this mouthpiece its charm. Anyone who likes high-quality and elegant mouthpieces will love this mouthpiece.

High borosilicate glass, which was first produced in Germany by the manufacturer Otto Schott under the Duran brand, has the highest and most advanced quality level among glass materials; it is characterized by the following properties and unique selling points:


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Bowl material:

Glass & smoke columns connection:

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