Elfbar 600 disposable e-cigarette

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The taste: Blueberry
pack: 1 pack
Strength: 0mg/ml
The Elfbar 600 disposable e-cigarette has a tank volume of 2 ml and is filled with the same amount of nicotine salt liquid, which has a nicotine strength of 20 mg/ml and 0 mg/ml. The battery of the Elfbar 600 is permanently installed and has a capacity of 360 mAh. This is enough for around 600 trains. You can choose from many different flavors. The device works with an integrated automatic pull mechanism. The battery and tank of the Elfbar 600 cannot be recharged or refilled once they are empty. Therefore, the device must ultimately be disposed of properly.

scope of delivery
  • 1x Elfbar 600 disposable e-cigarette

Elfbar 600 disposable e-cigarette
  • Battery capacity: 360mAh
  • Automatic pull
  • approx. 600 trains possible
  • Tank volume: 2 ml
  • Nicotine strength: 0 mg/ml or 20 mg/ml
  • Liquid type: nicotine salt

Award according to CLP Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008

Strength/Option Pictograms P-phrases H-phrases EUH
0mg/ml - EUH208 Contains (R)-p-mentha-1,8-diene; d-limonene, methyl cinnamate. Can cause allergic reactions.