Dschinni stainless steel plate adapter head adapter (18.8 cut)

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Water pipe Dschinni replacement plate adapter head adapter 18.8 stainless steel CARBON PLATE ADAPTER HEAD CUT ADAPTER

The world of hookahs offers a wealth of accessories and extensions to personalize and optimize the smoking experience. One of these useful accessories is the Dschinni V2A plate adapter made of high-quality stainless steel. In this article we take a closer look at the Dschinni V2A plate adapter and find out why it can be a great addition to your stainless steel shisha.

1. Introduction: The Dschinni V2A plate adapter

The Dschinni V2A plate adapter was designed by Dschinni, a respected manufacturer of shisha products. This accessory is used to attach the plate of your water pipe precisely and airtight. With an 18.8 grind, the plate adapter is compatible with a range of shisha models that use the same grind.

2. Easy to use and precise fit

A main advantage of the Dschinni V2A plate adapter is its easy handling and precise fit. Thanks to the precise 18.8 cut, the adapter fits perfectly with compatible shisha models. This means you can easily insert the plate without worrying about leaks or loose connections. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

3. Compatibility with different shisha models

The Dschinni V2A plate adapter is compatible with a variety of shisha models. These include, among others:

3.1 Genie Vendetta

3.2 Stealth Bombers

3.3 Bonnie

3.4 Clyde

3.5 million 1.0

3.6 Botany

3.7 Mezra

3.8 Snipers

3.9 Junior

3.10 Botan Classic

All of these models use the 18.8 grind, which means that the Dschinni V2A plate adapter is an ideal complement for them. No matter what model you own, this adapter can improve your smoking experience.

4. Advantages of the Dschinni V2A plate adapter

The Dschinni V2A plate adapter offers a number of advantages, including:

4.1 High quality materials

The adapter is made of high quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and durability. This means that you will enjoy this accessory for a long time without having to worry about wear and tear.

4.2 Perfect replacement part or extension

The adapter can either serve as a replacement part if your current plate adapter is damaged, or as an extension to add additional functions to your shisha. This flexibility makes the Dschinni V2A plate adapter a worthwhile investment.

5. Conclusion

The Dschinni V2A plate adapter is an excellent addition for any shisha enthusiast. With its precise fit, high-quality materials and wide compatibility, it is able to improve your smoking experience. Whether you're looking for a replacement part or want to expand your hookah, this plate adapter offers a great solution.

frequently asked Questions

1. How is the Dschinni V2A plate adapter attached?

To attach the Dschinni V2A plate adapter, simply insert it into the 18.8 cut of your shisha and ensure a secure connection.

2. Is the adapter rust resistant?

Yes, the Dschinni V2A plate adapter is made of stainless steel, which is protected against corrosion.

3. Can I apply the adapter to different hookah brands?

The adapter is specifically designed for Dschinni Shisha models with an 18.8 cut, but also fits other compatible brands.

4. Is there a guarantee on the plate adapter?

Yes, Dschinni usually offers guarantees on their products, including the V2A plate adapter. Make sure to check the warranty terms and conditions.

5. Does the adapter provide additional smoke control?

The Dschinni V2A plate adapter can help improve airflow and smoke control, resulting in a more pleasant smoking experience.


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