Dschinni Shisha Blow Off 9 blow-off valves White Gold

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If you are looking for a unique shisha that is not only visually appealing but also has innovative smoke blowing systems, then you should definitely consider the Dschinni Blowoff Shisha. In this article, we will introduce you to all the details about this remarkable plug-in hookah and explain why it is the perfect choice for hookah enthusiasts.

1. The Dschinni Blowoff Shisha - Unique blow-out system

The Dschinni Blowoff Shisha is no ordinary water pipe. It is characterized by its various blow-out systems, which allow you to adjust the smoke to your liking. Whether you want to blow out the smoke on the coal plate, on the smoke column or under the plate is entirely up to you. This flexibility makes the smoking experience something special and sets the Dschinni Blowoff Shisha apart from other shishas.

2. Easy to use and high quality materials

Thanks to the clever plug-in system, the Dschinni Shisha is easy to open and close. This makes filling with water or cleaning after smoking much easier. The interior of the shisha is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, an absolutely food-safe material. The rest of the shisha is made of POM, which makes it light and manageable without losing stability.

3. Dense smoke development and special smoking pleasure

Due to its small size, the Dschinni Blowoff Shisha produces an impressively dense smoke that takes the smoking experience to a new level. Compared to conventional shishas, ​​it offers significantly better smoke production and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the pleasure of smoking shisha.

4. Perfect set for beginners and advanced users

The Dschinni Blowoff Shisha comes as a complete set so you can get started straight away. It contains everything you need to get started, but even experienced shisha smokers will enjoy this accessory. The combination of aesthetic design and functionality makes it an ideal companion for every occasion.

5. Beauty meets quality

The Dschinni Blowoff Shisha not only impresses with its performance, but also with its aesthetic appearance. The harmonious interplay of smoke development, appearance and the special blow-out systems for the smoke make this shisha a real eye-catcher. Because, as we all know, your eyes smoke too!


The Dschinni Blowoff Shisha is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable plug-in hookahs on the market. With its innovative blow-out systems, high-quality materials and impressive smoke production, it offers incomparable smoking pleasure. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shisha smoker, this shisha will delight you.

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Compact design: The Blow Off Shisha is handy and easy to transport, so you can easily take it anywhere.

Easy to use: Thanks to the practical plug-in system, the shisha can be quickly put on or removed from the bowl, which makes assembly and cleaning child's play.

Individually adjustable: With different blow-out systems, you can have the smoke ejected according to your wishes at the base, under or above the charcoal plate or between the two charcoal plates.

Excellent quality: The Dschinni Blow Off Shisha is made of high-quality stainless steel and POM plastic and therefore offers long-lasting and first-class quality.

Dschinni Shisha Blow Off 9 blow-off valves White Gold

Technical details

  • 40cm


  • stainless steel
Bowl material:

Soft glass

Glass & smoke columns connection: