Dschinni 65g Pipe Tobacco - Watermelon Fresh - Watermelon Ice

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variety: Watermelon Fresh
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Refreshing taste explosion Discover the incomparable taste of watermelon paired with the coolness of ice in every puff of Genie pipe tobacco. This unique blend offers a refreshing and invigorating smoking experience that is ideal for warm summer days or relaxed evenings.

Premium quality for connoisseurs Made from the finest tobacco leaves, Dschinni pipe tobacco ensures an aromatic and clean smoke. This quality blend has been carefully formulated to provide an even burn and consistent flavor that will satisfy discerning smokers.

A new level of smoking experience Genie pipe tobacco is not just a tobacco, but an experience. With its sophisticated watermelon ice cream aroma, it brings a new level to your smoking experience, ideal for those looking for a new and exciting flavor.

Dschinni 65g Pipe Tobacco - Watermelon Fresh - Watermelon Ice

  • 65g
  • Wassermelone
  • Ice
Type of tobacco:



Medium to fine