Dschinni 65g pipe tobacco - Pistachio - Persian pistachio, vanilla

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Exquisite variety of flavors: The taste of the Orient Discover the unique character of the Dschinni 65g pipe tobacco, a harmonious combination of Persian pistachio and gentle vanilla. This premium tobacco captures the essence of the Orient by combining rich, nutty notes of pistachio with hints of creamy vanilla, promising an unparalleled smoking experience.

Luxurious smoking experience: quality you can taste Every puff of this finely crafted pipe tobacco reveals the careful selection and processing of the best ingredients. Dschinni stands for quality and tradition, which is reflected in the balanced moisture and optimal cutting size of the tobacco, which ensure an even and pleasant smoke.

Ideal companion for special moments: Enjoy in style Whether for a relaxing break or as a highlight at social events - the Dschinni pipe tobacco offers a stylish and enjoyable smoking experience. The elegant packaging and the seductive scent make it the perfect gift for lovers of fine tobacco enjoyment.

Dschinni 65g pipe tobacco - Pistachio - Persian pistachio, vanilla

  • 65g
  • pistachio
  • Vanilla
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Medium to fine