Dschinni 65g pipe tobacco - Lemon Fresh - lemon, ice

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Refreshing citrus note: the taste of summer Experience a tangy taste explosion with Dschinni Lemon Fresh that will invigorate your senses. This 65g pipe tobacco combines the freshness of sun-ripened lemons with a hint of coolness reminiscent of ice. Perfect for warm summer days, this tobacco offers an unparalleled smoking experience that brings back memories of sunny beaches and fresh lemonade.

High quality: purity that you can taste Genie stands for quality. Each pack of Lemon Fresh pipe tobacco is made from carefully selected ingredients. The balance between the intensity of the lemon and the gentle coolness is perfectly balanced to guarantee a pure and genuine taste experience. The tobacco is additive-free so you can enjoy the natural flavor in every pipe.

The ideal companion for social evenings Whether at a garden party or a relaxed evening with friends – Dschinni Lemon Fresh is the ideal companion. Its invigorating taste promotes sociability and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Share the joy of smoking with friends and enjoy shared moments full of taste and freshness.

Dschinni 65g pipe tobacco - Lemon Fresh - lemon, ice

  • 65g
  • Zitrone
  • Ice
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Medium to fine