Dschinni 65g Pipe Tobacco - Candy Breeze - Ice Glacier Candies

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variety: Candy Breeze
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Flavor explosion: Dschinni 65g pipe tobacco - Candy Breeze

Experience an irresistible mix of sweetness and coolness with the Dschinni 65g pipe tobacco in the Candy Breeze variety. This unique flavor combines the essence of Eisgletscher candies with a touch of the exotic. Ideal for connoisseurs looking for a refreshing change.

High quality, unforgettable smoking experience

Genie stands for quality and purity. Our 65g pipe tobacco is made from carefully selected tobacco leaves and offers a consistent, long-lasting smoking experience. Candy Breeze promises not only an intense taste, but also a satisfying smoke density.

Perfect for every occasion

Whether for a relaxed gathering with friends or as a moment of enjoyment for yourself, the Dschinni Candy Breeze pipe tobacco is the ideal choice. Its refreshing ice glacier candy flavors offer a unique smoking experience that adds a special touch to any occasion

Dschinni 65g Pipe Tobacco - Candy Breeze - Ice Glacier Candies

  • 65g
  • mint
  • Ice candy
Type of tobacco:



Medium to fine