Dschinni Amfora glass 4 connections multi-hose shisha

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The Amfora: Enjoyable shisha experience from Dschinni

The world of hookahs is enriched by an elegant innovation: the Amfora, a hookah made entirely of glass from the renowned Dschinni company. With its four connections, it opens up a whole new way of enjoying shisha with friends. In this article we take a closer look at the fascinating features and benefits of the Amfora Glass Shisha.

Unique design and high quality material

The Amfora impresses right from the start with its unique design and exquisite materials. Made from high borosilicate glass, it stands out from other shishas on the market. This premium glass is typically used in the laboratory and pharmaceutical industries, where its robustness, temperature resistance and antibacterial properties are valued. The fact that Genie relies on this expensive and complex material in the shisha industry speaks for the exclusivity of Amfora.

Shared enjoyment for several smokers

The Amfora was designed to share the shisha experience with friends. With its spacious smoke chamber, it offers enough volume to ensure an intensive draft even with four smokers. However, thanks to the integrated diffuser, a pleasant smoking experience is possible for everyone.

Easy to use and clean

The Amfora is characterized not only by its exquisite design, but also by its user-friendliness. The 18.8 Schlif connectors are inserted effortlessly, making it easy to use. But that's not all: cleaning is extremely easy. The shisha can simply be placed in the dishwasher, and thanks to the special glass there is no risk of any damage. This feature makes the Amfora a true exception among glass shishas.

Transparent smoking pleasure

A special highlight of the Amfora is the transparency of its glass, which allows a clear view of the smoke flow. This gives the shisha ritual an additional dimension and makes the enjoyment even more intense.

The advantages of glass shishas

The fascination with glass shishas extends beyond the Amfora. Glass shishas are made of high-quality glass, which not only ensures an elegant and modern design, but also has practical advantages. Unlike other materials, glass does not rust when in contact with water, allowing the shisha to last a long time.

Variety and selection

Among the most popular glass shisha models are the Amfora and the Skyline. The Amfora impresses with its versatility and variation in appearance and design. The Skyline, on the other hand, combines simple elegance with first-class function.

Conclusion: Unique shisha experience with the Amfora

The Amfora is a shisha that stands out with its all-glass construction, high-quality borosilicate glass and practical handling. It offers an incomparable shisha experience for spending hours together with friends. Thanks to its exclusive choice of materials, easy cleaning and clear smoke flow, the Amfora is an asset for shisha lovers.

frequently asked Questions

1. Can I smoke tobacco and other herbs with the Amfora Shisha? Yes, the high-quality glass of the Amfora is absolutely neutral and does not absorb any taste, so you can enjoy a wide variety of tobacco and herbs.

2. How many connections does the Amfora Shisha have? The Amfora has a total of four connections, which enable a shared shisha experience for several people.

3. Is cleaning the Amfora difficult? No, on the contrary. The Amfora can simply be placed in the dishwasher, which makes cleaning particularly uncomplicated.

4. Are there other models of glass shishas? Yes, in addition to the Amfora, there is also the Skyline and other models that offer different designs and functions.

5. Where can I purchase the Amfora Shisha? You can get direct access to the Amfora Shisha at:


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