Da Vinci 70g Pipe Tobacco - Vinci Inana - Dark Grape and Mint

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Unforgettable aroma combination: Dark grape meets mint The Da Vinci 70g pipe tobacco - Vinci Inana is a masterful blend of sensual-sweet dark grapes and the refreshing coolness of mint. Every puff offers an intense taste experience that invigorates the senses and ensures unforgettable moments of pleasure. Ideal for those moments of relaxation when you want to treat yourself to a break.

Quality promise: Only the best ingredients Made from high-quality tobacco that is carefully selected and processed, Da Vinci pipe tobacco guarantees the highest quality and purity. The perfect balance of moisture and dryness of this tobacco ensures a consistent and pleasant smoking experience.

For the modern smoker: elegance and style The Da Vinci 70g pipe tobacco is not just a product - it is a statement. For the style-conscious smoker who values ​​quality and a unique aroma, this tobacco is the ideal choice. Its elegant packaging reflects the exclusivity and luxury that this tobacco offers.

Da Vinci 70g Pipe Tobacco - Vinci Inana - Dark Grape and Mint

  • 70g
  • Traube
  • Minze
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