Chaos 65g pipe tobacco - Falim Red - berry mix & chewing gum

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variety: Falim Red
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Flavor explosion: berry mix & chewing gum Immerse yourself in a world of exotic flavors with CHAOS TOBACCO 65g. This tobacco offers a unique taste of a sweet berry mix & bubble gum. Every puff delivers an unparalleled flavor explosion that enchants your senses and ensures an exceptional smoking experience.

Quality you can taste At CHAOS TOBACCO we rely on the highest quality. Our carefully selected tobacco leaves are carefully processed to preserve the purity and intensity of the aromas. Enjoy a smooth, aromatic smoke that is free of artificial additives. This premium tobacco guarantees a natural and genuine smoking experience.

Perfect for special moments Whether it's a social gathering with friends or relaxing moments alone, CHAOS TOBACCO is the perfect choice. Its unique flavor makes every occasion a special experience. Let yourself be seduced by the berry mix & chewing gum.

Chaos 65g pipe tobacco - Falim Red - berry mix & chewing gum

  • 65g
  • Beerenmix
  • Kaugummi
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medium cut