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Windbreaker Windschutz für Kaminaufsatz - 1
Seflex 2.0 Sieb - 1
Universal Molassefänger zum Stecken (18.8 Schliff) - Schwarz
Schlauch Adapter mit Kugel - 1
Offerab €12,90 EUR
Spare €4,00
Candyhose Silikonschläuche - 1
Offer€5,90 EUR Regular price€9,90 EUR
Panzerfolie - 1
Ultra Grip Silikonkopfdichtung - 1
The Toaster Kohleanzünder - 1
Kaminaufsätze - 1
Schlauch Knickschutz Feder Edelstahl - 1
Neptun Tabak Gabel - 1
Legend Tradischlauchadapter + Silikondichtung - 1
Ice Bazooka Mundstücke - mit Ersatzkühlakku / Rot - 1
Offerab €3,90 EUR
Spare €5,00
Sparkling Powder (Geschmacks und Farbpulver) - Gelb/Zitrone
Offer€4,90 EUR Regular price€9,90 EUR
Ersatz Holzrauchsäule Legend - 1
Sold out
Hot Plate Kohleanzünder - 1
Sold out
Flat Plate Kohleanzünder - 1
Phunnel Stopfen - 1
Offer€3,90 EUR
Spare €11,91
Screen HMD Smokebox - 1
Offer€12,99 EUR Regular price€24,90 EUR
The Crown HMD Smokebox - Silber - 1
Glas Molassefänger - Bubble 18.8 Schliff - 1
Offerab €15,90 EUR
Rührstäbchen (2 Stück) für Shisha Tabak - 1
Molassefänger mit Adapter & Ultra Grip - 1
Edelstahl Diffusor - 2

Extensive selection of shisha accessories at Dschinni Shisha for your perfect smoking experience

The quality of your shisha depends largely on the accessories you own. In different situations you need the right products to ensure full smoking pleasure. Our extensive range of shisha accessories is there to help you as a passionate hookah smoker in various situations and offers solutions for numerous concerns:

Ignition of shisha charcoal made easy

You wonder how you ignite your shisha charcoal efficiently? Our range of charcoal lighters will help you light natural charcoal quickly and create a perfect ember in just a few seconds.

Repairing and cleaning your hookah

What do you do if your glass bowl is accidentally damaged? Or how can you best clean your water pipe? We have the answers to these questions. Our range of hookah accessories for cleaning includes brushes and special cleaning agents that you can use to make your water pipe shine again after use.

Must-have accessories for your shisha

Certain shisha accessories are indispensable and should not be missing in any smoking routine. These items simplify many processes and help ensure your smoking experience runs smoothly.

Charcoal lighters and tongs

Charcoal lighters are an absolute must for igniting natural charcoal quickly and evenly. With shisha tongs you can safely grab hot coals without burning yourself.

Cleaning utensils

A clean water pipe ensures the best taste. Our brushes and special cleaning products help you to keep your hookah in top condition.

Useful accessories for even more convenience

In addition to the essential accessories, we at Dschinni Shisha also offer products that make your shisha experience even more pleasant, even if they are not absolutely necessary.

Hygiene mouthpieces and spare parts

Our hygiene mouthpieces are particularly practical if you enjoy your shisha in a large group. We also offer replacement lenses and seals to prevent damage and leaks.

Individual design of your shisha

A shisha is not only a luxury item, but also a design object. With optical accessories such as LED lighting or food coloring for the water in the bowl, you can give your shisha a personal touch.

Browse through our diverse range of hookah accessories and find items that enrich and simplify your smoking experience.

Versatile accessories for your water pipe in the Dschinni Hookah Shisha Online Shop

In the Dschinni Hookah Shisha Online Shop you will find everything your heart desires to enjoy your shisha experience to the fullest. Our range of shisha accessories includes adapters, mouthpieces, silicone hoses, bowls and much more. Hygienic mouthpieces in various designs guarantee you a pleasant smoking experience, even in larger groups. Also discover our stylish LED coasters and practical shisha cases for the convenient transport of your precious water pipe. If your water pipe needs a repair, you will find glass glue and other spare parts with us.

Charcoal plate, food coloring, molasses catcher and more for your individual shisha

The charcoal plate is not only functional, but can also impress visually. We offer a wide range of designs so you can choose the charcoal plate that suits your taste. Food coloring allows you to color the water in the hookah. The variety of our molasses catchers ranges from simple to playfully oriental. In order to always ensure an optimal smoking experience, cleaning the water pipe is of great importance. Our shisha cleaners are the be-all and end-all to ensure hygiene after each use. In addition, we offer all connections, valves and valve balls for your water pipe conveniently in our online shop.

Smoke columns, water pipes, wind protection and more at DSCHINNI HOOKAH SHISHA

The smoke column is the heart of the water pipe. Individual parts such as the smoke pipe and water pipe can be easily unscrewed to enable thorough cleaning. The number of hoses on your hookah can vary and these should be easily replaceable and easy to clean. A windbreak ensures that your smoking experience is not affected on the go. At DSCHINNI HOOKAH SHISHA you will find a wide selection of stylish models for optimal smoking pleasure.

With us you will find a wealth of shisha accessories, including attachments, molasses catchers, seals, aluminum foil, charcoal lighters, charcoal tongs, charcoal baskets, tobacco forks, hole punches, replacement bowls, coasters, head construction pads, food coloring, shisha cleaners, sleeves, charcoal plates , adapters, connections, molasses, spare parts and merchandise. Expand your collection and make your smoking routine easier with high-quality hookah accessories from Dschinni Shisha.