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The allure of traditional hookahs: benefits, choices and recommendations

Why a traditional hookah?

The enthusiasm for traditional hookahs - or "Tradi Hookahs" - continues to grow. But what makes them so special? When it comes to experiencing the authentic taste of tobacco varieties such as double apple or grape mint, traditional hookahs come first. The aroma of the tobacco harmonises perfectly with the traditional hookah construction. Especially models like the Dschinni Legend, Dschinni Sparrow and Blowoff have made a name for themselves and can often be found in bars and living rooms.

Material and quality

Traditional hookahs are often made from a combination of Made of aluminum and stainless steel. However, there are some myths surrounding the material. A common misconception is that brass can store flavors. In reality, it is the leather hose that absorbs the aromas.

The perfect taste

The great advantage of a traditional hookah is the ability to intensively enhance the taste of the tobacco. This is particularly evident in varieties such as double apple and grape mint. The disadvantage? It is best to limit yourself to one type of tobacco in order to ensure the full taste experience.

Selection help: Which Tradi Shisha is right for me?

If you have made the decision to buy a traditional When it comes to buying shisha, you are spoiled for choice. Whether made of a brass-aluminium mixture or pure brass - each model has its own charm. But despite the differences in the material, all traditional hookahs have the same goal: perfect enjoyment. Manufacturers like Dschinni have revolutionized the market with their colorful and innovative designs.

Legendary models

There is a lot of discussion in the hookah community about which model is the best. The Djinni Legend and Khalil Mamoon are two models that are commonly found in hookah cafes and stand out for their quality and design. Crafted from stainless steel, the Dschinni Sparrow is also an excellent choice for those looking for something special.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect traditional hookah comes down to personal preference. It's not just about the looks, it's also about the taste experience. The fascination for traditional shishas is unbroken, and there are good reasons for it. No matter which model you choose, an authentic smoking experience is guaranteed.

The advantages and disadvantages of a traditional shisha at a glance

Why is a traditional shisha the right choice?

Many people wonder why a traditional shisha, also known as Tradi Shisha, is the best choice could be. The answer is simple: if you want to enjoy a specific flavor or tobacco in your shisha, then a traditional hookah is the perfect solution. The traditional shisha is particularly suitable for varieties such as double apple and grape mint. The taste and aroma of these tobaccos remain in the smoke column, creating an intense smoking experience. Important models such as Dschinni Legend have dominated the market for traditional hookahs for years. Their products are present in homes and bars alike. The double apple tobacco in particular comes into its own in these hookahs. The hookahs are made from a mixture of aluminum and brass. The brass absorbs the taste of the tobacco even better than aluminum. Some manufacturers such as El Nefes or MIG even use only brass for their traditional hookahs. The material of the shisha, whether made entirely of brass or brass/aluminium, can be identified by the weight of the smoke column. A heavy column of smoke indicates that it is made of solid brass. If you are looking for a high-quality traditional hookah, you will certainly find it with us. We offer an extensive range of traditional hookahs including Legend, Sparrow and Blowoff models. These Dschinni Tradition models stand for quality and cleanliness and are firmly established in the shisha community.

The advantages of a traditional hookah

Grab your double apple tobacco and enjoy it in your new traditional hookah. The advantages of a traditional hookah are clear: they absorb the taste of tobacco excellently and give it an incomparable intensity compared to aluminum or stainless steel shishas. Especially double apple tobacco and grape mint unfold their full aroma in these hookahs. However, one disadvantage of a traditional hookah is that it is best suited for a single tobacco flavor. The intensity of the flavors could otherwise mix, which would spoil the sense of a traditional shisha.

The agony of choice: Which traditional shisha is right for me?

If you have decided to buy a traditional shisha but are unsure which is the right choice, we are there to help . The main difference between the various Tradi Hookahs is whether they are made from a mix of brass and aluminum or are made entirely of brass. Otherwise they all serve the same purpose. Choose the Tradi Shisha that appeals to you visually. Today there is a huge range of traditional hookahs compared to ten years ago. At that time, mainly Al Fakher hookahs or cheap models from abroad, such as Tunisia, were available. Many of you now use these as decoration. Manufacturers like Dschinni have attached great importance to an attractive design with their new models. A wide range of colors including red, green and blue are available to choose from. Those who prefer it classic can rely on Al Fakher or Khalil Mamoon. These two brands are undoubtedly among the most used traditional hookahs. A popular myth in the hookah community is that the Al Fakher hookah smokes faster than others.

Find your perfect Tradi Shisha

The decision for the right Tradi Shisha is up to you. As mentioned before, there are only slight differences between the different traditional hookahs compared to the stainless steel or aluminum hookahs. With the Tradi Shishas, ​​the focus is solely on the smoked taste. Once your double apple tobacco has developed its full flavor in your shisha, the appearance of the shisha becomes less relevant. However, if you ask for a recommendation, we can suggest the legendary Legend Shisha, which can be found in almost every hookah bar, or the also widely used Khalil Mamoon Shisha. However, if you are looking for an exceptional option that not everyone owns, we recommend the Sparrow Hookah. It convinces both in terms of quality and design. Go in search of your perfect Tradi Shisha!