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If you are looking for a unique and relaxing experience that takes you into a world of exotic flavors and scents, then Dschinni Shisha is the place for you! From classic designs to modern and innovative models, we have the perfect hookah for every taste and preference. In our shop you can buy all types of shisha online and get the right accessories such as tobacco, charcoal or mouthpieces.


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Shisha tobacco - your key to a unique smoking experience

Discover the right shisha tobacco for your individual taste.

Basically, it consists of three main components: tobacco as a basis, aroma for a deep taste and molasses or sugar syrup, which not only serves as an aroma carrier but also intensifies the taste. Added to this is the multi-chain alcohol, which supports smoke development.

In order to create the perfect shisha tobacco, it is placed in a mixture of molasses, aroma and, for example, glycerin for several days in order to fully absorb it. This absorption should be taken into account, especially when combining tobacco available in Germany with molasses or other humectants.

At Dschinni Shisha we pride ourselves on not just selling a product but providing an experience. We want you to take a trip to another world every time you use our hookahs. That's why we're always on hand to help you with any questions or problems you may have and to ensure you have the best possible experience. Also try our specially made tobacco, where we only use high-quality flavors for the best possible taste.

Your shisha experience largely depends on the quality of the tobacco you choose.

With Dschinni Shisha you have the opportunity to purchase various types of tobacco online and convince yourself of their consistently high quality.

DSCHINNI HOOKAH presents you with premium tobacco from renowned brands such as Al Fahker, 7 Days, 187 Strassenbande and many more. In the Dschinni Shisha online shop, we rely on top brands that are delivered to you quickly, safely and conveniently.

Do you have a preference for lemon cake or blueberry ice cream? Then the Djinni tobacco Da Bomb is just right for you. The Dschinni Lemon Fresh or Watermelon Fresh also offer a unique taste experience, ideal for warm summer days. For lovers of sweet and creamy notes, the Dschinni Pistachio is a must, with nuances of pistachio, saffron and vanilla.

For menthol enthusiasts, the 7 Days Platinum Tobacco Cold Melo, a combination from menthol and watermelon, to the highlight. The Dschinni tobacco Black Fresh with a harmonious mixture of pear, mint and Virginia tobacco will convince you. The 7 Days Cold Peach tobacco is also a pleasurable experience, combining peach with a touch of ice and the best Virginia tobacco. And for the fruit lovers? The O's African Queen with a balanced mixture of berry flavors and grape ice cream is an absolute must.

Shisha tobacco - available in our online shop

You can always find one in our Dschinni online shop diverse selection of innovative, unusual and intensely aromatic tobacco varieties. Be inspired and inspired by the constantly new creations.

Discover the perfect shisha tobacco at Dschinni

Shisha tobacco is the heart of every shisha experience. Whether you're having a barbecue with friends, relaxing in front of the TV at home or in the intimate atmosphere of your favorite bar - the world of shisha enjoyment is inextricably linked to high-quality tobacco.

A variety of exquisite shisha tobacco varieties at Dschinni

In our wide range at Dschinni you will undoubtedly find the shisha tobacco that exactly suits your preferences. This extraordinary tobacco consists primarily of three essential components:

1. Tobacco as a solid foundation

Tobacco forms the foundation of your shisha experience. With us you will find tobaccos of the highest quality, specially selected to ensure a first-class smoking session. We understand how important it is that the tobacco is perfectly processed and treated to ensure the best possible taste and enjoyable smoking experience.

2. Flavors for an intense taste

Our exquisite shisha tobaccos are enriched with carefully selected flavors to offer an incomparable taste experience. It doesn't matter whether you prefer fruity nuances, refreshing mint or exotic mixtures - we have the right variant for every taste.

3. Molasses and sugar syrup for perfect taste nuances

The addition of high-quality molasses or sugar syrup not only gives the shisha tobacco a pleasant moisture, but also serves as a flavor carrier. Our experts at Dschinni understand the art of the perfect mix to ensure balanced moisture that optimally prepares the tobacco for the shisha experience.

Quality and variety from the Dschinni hookah online shop

In order to produce the best shisha tobacco, the tobacco goes through a complex manufacturing process. It is soaked in a carefully balanced mixture of molasses, aromas and, if necessary, glycerine for several days. This allows the tobacco to absorb and develop the desired quality characteristics. This commitment to quality is also reflected in the types of tobacco we offer.

Our selection includes a large number of well-known brands that enjoy a first-class reputation in the German tobacco market. At Dschinni we value excellence and customer satisfaction. That's why we only carry products from well-known and valued manufacturers such as Al Fakher, 7 Days, AINO, HOOKAiN, True Passion, 187 Strassenbande, Holster, O's, Nameless and of course Dschinni. With our user-friendly online shop, you can order your preferred tobacco quickly, safely and conveniently at home and rely on consistently high quality.

Conclusion: Discover the world of first-class shisha tobacco at Dschinni

Overall, hookah tobacco is at the heart of any hookah experience and at Dschinni we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of quality tobaccos. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in every product we carry. Discover the world of first-class shisha tobacco at Dschinni and immerse yourself in an incomparable taste experience that will take your shisha sessions to a new level.

Which shisha tobacco suits me?

The individual search for the perfect taste experience

It is well known that tastes are diverse and individual - this also applies to shisha tobacco, of course. In our Dschinni specialty shops in Bremen and Hanover, our competent staff will be happy to assist you when it comes to finding exactly the right tobacco for your personal preferences. It's important to understand that there isn't one "universal tobacco" that appeals to everyone. Even if bestsellers like "Lemon Fresh" (a refreshing combination of lemon and mint) or "Dschinni Da Bomb" (an adventurous blend of lemon, amaretto, vanilla and saffron) are always a proven choice, the choice of tobacco depends heavily on the individual your own preferences.

Experience the variety of taste

In our extensive range, everyone will find the right taste experience. Get your taste buds going as you think about your favorite snacks, fruits and drinks. Our selection is as varied as your preferences, so you will surely discover the perfect tobacco for your individual needs.

Expert advice for your unique experience

Our employees are true connoisseurs in the field of shisha tobacco. With in-depth knowledge and passion, they are at your side to support you in your selection. We understand that the process of choosing can be overwhelming given the wide range of enticing options. From fruity flavors to exotic blends, we offer you the best recommendations to make your smoking experience unforgettable.

Your journey to new taste horizons

The world of shisha tobacco is as rich as it is fascinating. As you search for your perfect tobacco, I invite you to take your taste buds on an exciting journey. Discover flavors that will enchant your senses and immerse yourself in an incomparable taste experience that will take your shisha sessions to a new level.

Conclusion: A tobacco for every moment

Even if there is not one tobacco that flatters everyone equally, at Dschinni we have the perfect companion for each and every one of you. Whether you're looking for a refreshing twist or an adventurous blend, our wide range won't disappoint. Embark on a journey to explore your own preferences and find the shisha tobacco that will take your senses to completely new spheres.

Where are the 200g and 1000g shisha tobacco? The changes in shisha tobacco tins from 07/01 is in force. The amount of tobacco in shisha tobacco tins has been limited to a maximum of 25g. This change has had an impact on the way hookah lovers can enjoy their tobacco. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about it and how we at Dschinni Shisha are reacting to it.

The 25g limit: what does that mean?

Before 01.07. it was common to buy shisha tobacco in larger quantities, such as 200g packs. This size allowed smokers to enjoy their tobacco for a longer period of time without having to worry about replenishment. With the new regulation, however, this is no longer the case. The maximum amount per can is now 25g, which is about enough for 1-3 shisha bowls.

The impact on the shisha community

The change has triggered a lively discussion in the shisha community. Some see the cap as restricting their freedom to buy their tobacco in the quantities they want. Others, however, welcome the regulation as it helps to control tobacco consumption and protect the health of smokers.

Dschinni Shisha: Our answer to the change

As a leading provider of high-quality shisha products we take the needs of our customers very seriously. Despite the new regulation, we are working tirelessly to offer a diverse selection of tobacco varieties. Our goal is to deliver the best possible quality at an affordable price.

The variety of taste experiences

We understand that every shisha lover has different preferences when it comes to the taste of tobacco. That's why we've carefully curated our range to offer a wide range of taste experiences. From fruity flavors to spicy mixtures - you are guaranteed to find something that suits your taste with us.

Your smoking adventure with Dschinni Shisha

The changes in the Shisha tobacco tins do not mean the end of your smoking adventure , but rather a new beginning. At Dschinni Shisha, we stand by your side to ensure you continue to enjoy quality tobacco. Our experts are always ready to help you choose the perfect tobacco for your next shisha session.


The limitation of shisha tobacco tins to 25g from 01.07. may seem like a challenge at first, but it also offers opportunities for new taste experiences. At Dschinni Shisha, we strive to serve our customers in the best possible way despite the changes. Your shisha smoking adventure can continue to be exciting and tasty - let's find the right tobacco for you together!