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Ersatzbowl Stealth Bomber - Purple Rain - 1
Mio 1.0 Ersatzbowl (Transparent)
Ersatzbowl Baba Spider (mit Gewinde) - Gewinde Gold - 1
Ersatzbowl Baba Iron (mit Gewinde) - Man - 1
Ersatzbowl Baba Crystal (mit Gewinde) - Rainbow - 1
Ersatzbowl Baba Spider - Iron Man - 1
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Ersatzbowl Botan Venom - 1
Ersatzbowl Junior (Transparent) - 1
Ersatzbowl Aztec - 1
Ersatzbowl Chucky (Schwarzes Gewinde) - Purple Rain - 1
Ersatzbowl Chucky (Pinkes Gewinde) - Flig Flag - 1
Ersatzbowl Pico (Schwarzes Gewinde) - Flig Flag - 1
Ersatzbowl Skyline 1.0 - Silber
Ersatzbowl Flexx (Transparent) - 1
Skyline 2.0 Bowl - 1
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Ersatzbowl Chucky Blau Violett / Purple Rain - 1
Ersatzbowl Pico (Pinkes Gewinde) - Venom - 1
Foxx Ersatzbowl Schwarz - 1
Ersatzbowl Pico (Blaues Gewinde) - Purple Rain - 1

Shisha Replacement Bowls - High-quality replacement parts for your shisha

Shisha bowls - A variety of options when buying online


Buy shisha bowls online and provide variety - The heart of a water pipe

The shisha bowl is the central element of a water pipe, in which the refreshing water is located. The smoke is drawn through this water and cooled in a pleasant way. In our Dschinni Shisha Online Shop you will find a wide range of different Shisha Bowls that will take your smoking experience to a new level. It doesn't matter whether you prefer classic, oriental or modern designs, with us you will find all variants to design your water pipe according to your individual ideas. The shisha bowl becomes a mirror of your personality. No matter whether you prefer a single-colored, transparent or colorful bowl - our online shop guarantees first-class quality and variety.

Diversity in glass and design

Shisha bowls made of glass - a mix of elegance and Fragility

The shisha glasses are not only visually impressive, but can also be seen as the sensitive point of a water pipe. Glass hookah bowls have the advantage of having a particularly aesthetic appearance, but they must be handled with care to avoid breakage. Our Dschinni Shisha online shop offers you a wide selection of glass shisha bowls in different sizes, shapes and colours. Whether dainty or imposing - here you are sure to find the right model for your needs and your wallet.

A look at the variety of designs

Dive into the world of unique designs and leave Be seduced by the extraordinary models. For example, Dschinni Baba's shisha bowl features a fascinating diamond design that draws everyone's attention. For lovers of the oriental, the Legend Shisha Bowl offers a special selection with artistic decorations reminiscent of stories from 1001 Nights. The artistically designed shisha bowls from Skyline are also a true work of art, taking you and your friends into a world of fantasy. The square bowl by Dschinni Cube, on the other hand, is modern and stylish and fits perfectly with a contemporary lifestyle. And for those looking for trendy and unconventional designs, the bowls from Vendetta Shisha, The Hookah Cartel or Armaggedon offer a wide range of choices.


Your search for the perfect shisha bowl has an end. The Dschinni Shisha Online Shop presents an impressive variety of high-quality Shisha Bowls, which not only ensure an unforgettable smoking experience, but also convince as stylish works of art. Whether you prefer classic charm, oriental magic or modern chic - we have the right shisha bowl for you. Immerse yourself in our world of variety and quality and find the shisha bowl that completes your water pipe and perfectly underlines your personal style.