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Phunnel Head Shisha: Perfect tobacco distribution for an intense taste

The Phunnel bowl hookah is a popular choice among hookah enthusiasts as it allows for perfect tobacco distribution and thereby offers an intense flavor experience. With its unique design and functionality, the Phunnel bowl hookah takes your smoking experience to a new level.

Unique design for optimal tobacco distribution

The Phunnel head hookah is characterized by its unique design. It features a raised center and a surrounding cavity that serves as a tobacco bowl. This design allows for efficient distribution of the tobacco and prevents the juice from running into the tobacco head. This achieves an even heat distribution and the tobacco can unfold its full aroma.

Intense taste thanks to longer smoking time

The Phunnel head shisha has the advantage of a longer smoking time compared to conventional tobacco heads. The unique design and tobacco distribution keeps the tobacco moist longer, resulting in a longer session. This allows you to enjoy the intense taste of your tobacco for longer and you don't have to refill as often.

Minimized leakage of molasses

Another benefit of the Phunnel Head Hookah is that it minimizes tobacco juice leakage. Due to the raised center and the surrounding depression, the tobacco juice stays inside the bowl and does not get into the smoke column. This makes cleaning easier and prevents unwanted deposits in the shisha.

Versatile and customizable to your preferences

The Phunnel Head Hookah is available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your individual preferences. You can choose between different sizes to adapt the bowl to your smoking habits. In addition, Phunnel heads are available in clay, ceramic or silicone to suit your personal style and needs.

Experience the intense taste with a Phunnel bowl hookah

Discover the intense taste and the perfect tobacco distribution with a Phunnel bowl hookah. We offer high quality phunnel bowls in different sizes and materials to give you a premium smoking experience. Enjoy your hookah sessions with an optimized tobacco distribution and an intense taste experience thanks to a Phunnel bowl hookah.