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Buy shisha charcoal online at Dschinni Shisha

The perfect shisha charcoal for moments of pleasure

When it comes to enjoying a water pipe or shisha, high-quality charcoal is essential. In order to get the most out of your smoking experience, it is advisable to rely on first-class hookah charcoal. In our online shop we offer a selection of high-quality natural charcoal, coconut charcoal and many other varieties, including Dschinni Cubes, Black Cocos, Tom Cococha, One Nation and many other well-known brands. You will find natural coal as well as practical self-igniting options from Three Kings, Fourty Four or Instant Lite. Note that the natural charcoal takes a little longer to ignite. It ensures a longer and more intense glow. So that you can ignite your charcoal safely and efficiently, we also offer the right accessories for you.

A variety of shisha charcoal and ignition options

Ignite your shisha charcoal is easy with an electric charcoal lighter. In our range you will find a wide selection of electric charcoal lighters in various designs and price ranges. These act like small electric stovetops. You switch on the charcoal lighter, place the charcoal on the grid and after a short time the shisha charcoal glows and is ready for use. Remember to always move the hot charcoal with a pair of charcoal tongs.

Gas charcoal lighters, charcoal baskets and other useful accessories

Gas charcoal lighters are particularly practical if you want to quickly ignite your hookah independently of a power source. These gas charcoal lighters are ideal for camping trips, garden parties or picnics. The mobile gas charcoal lighters use cartridges, which you can also find in our DSCHINNI SHISHA online shop. In addition, we offer special hookah Bunsen burners and the popular Clipper lighters, with which you can get your charcoal glowing in no time at all. Our charcoal baskets allow you to light your hookah charcoal in a stylish and safe way. Browse through our offers and discover a variety of charcoal baskets with an oriental design that are perfect for enjoying shisha. We offer models of different brands and price ranges, so there is something for every taste.

The right choice of charcoal for your shisha experience

The choice of charcoal depends on your preferences. You can use either self-igniting charcoal or natural charcoal to heat the tobacco in your hookah. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed depending on the situation and taste.

Spontaneous charcoal is particularly easy to light, as the name suggests. It contains a highly flammable substance that you can quickly ignite with a lighter. However, this charcoal develops less heat, does not burn as long and can sometimes affect the taste due to the flammable film. For beginners using their first shisha, as well as for those on the go, e.g.B in the park or on the beach, self-igniting charcoal is very handy. You don't need a gas burner or an electric charcoal lighter to light the charcoal. Another advantage: with self-igniting charcoal you can also light natural charcoal, which can be very practical on the go.

Natural charcoal burns significantly longer than self-igniting charcoal - up to two hours. Since it has to be changed less often and produces less ash and smoke, you can relax and enjoy the shisha experience with natural coal. The natural charcoal made from pressed coconut shells is tasteless and lets the shisha tobacco come into its own. It burns more consistently and transfers heat more evenly to the tobacco, reducing the likelihood of the tobacco overheating or drying out.

The right time to light the charcoal

It is important to light the charcoal evenly. With self-igniting charcoal, make sure the chemical odor from the accelerant has dissipated, as it can affect the taste of the shisha. With both types of charcoal, a layer of white ash around the charcoal indicates that it has glowed evenly. At this point, the charcoal burns stably and develops no taste of its own. Turn the charcoal regularly to ensure an even glow. Make sure you're on a fireproof surface, as charcoal can occasionally break. Use sturdy tongs and a charcoal basket to safely transport the charcoal from the heat source to the shisha.