Hookah hygiene mouthpiece


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Hygiene Mundstücke Kurz (Beutelinhalt 50 Stück Farbig) - 1
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Dschinni hygiene mouthpieces short (bag content 50 pieces colored)
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Dschinni Mr. T Three
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Hygiene mouthpiece for shisha: clean smoking pleasure and hygienic safety

The hygienic mouthpiece for shisha offers you clean smoking pleasure and ensures hygienic safety while smoking shisha. This specially developed mouthpiece gives you a carefree and hygienic smoking experience.

Clean smoking pleasure without changing mouthpieces

With the hygiene mouthpiece for shisha, you don't have to worry about changing mouthpieces. It is designed to slip over the mouthpiece of your shisha, avoiding direct contact between your mouth and the shisha mouthpiece. This ensures a clean and hygienic smoking experience.

Suitable for most hookah models

The hygiene mouthpieces are usually designed to fit most hookah models. Whether you have a traditional hookah, a modern hookah or a mini hookah, you can easily use the Hygiene Mouthpiece and enjoy its benefits.