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The ultimate silicone hose for shisha lovers

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Our mission is to bring you the best shisha products to offer to the market to take your hookah experience to the next level. In this article, we present our premium silicone hose, which surpasses all others in terms of quality and performance. Discover why our silicone hose is an absolute must-have for every shisha lover.

Why is our silicone hose unique?

Our silicone hose is characterized by its outstanding properties that set it apart from others Stand out hoses in the market. Here are some reasons why our silicone hose is your best choice:

Excellent Durability

Our silicone hose has been manufactured from premium silicone material that offers exceptional durability. Unlike traditional rubber hoses, our silicone hose is resistant to heat, moisture and abrasion. This keeps it in top condition over long periods of time.

Flavourless material

The silicone tube is made of tasteless material that preserves the pure taste of your tobaccos. Unlike inferior hoses made from inferior materials, our silicone hose will not affect the taste of your shisha sessions. You can look forward to an unadulterated taste experience.

Easy to clean

Cleaning our silicone hose is child's play. Thanks to its smooth surface, it is easy to clean without leaving any residue. A hygienic smoking experience is thus guaranteed.

Modern design

Our silicone hose not only impresses with its technical properties, but also with its modern and attractive design. It is available in different colors to express your individual style.

How our silicone hose improves your shisha session

Optimal smoke development

The excellent heat resistance of the silicone hose means that the smoke remains the temperature is constant and enables optimal smoke development. You can look forward to dense and full smoke that intensifies your shisha experience.

Easy to use

Our silicone hose is flexible and easy to use. It lies comfortably in the hand and allows you to use it comfortably. The high-quality material ensures that the hose does not kink or deform.

Care instructions for long-lasting pleasure

To ensure the lifespan and first-class performance of our silicone hose, we recommend the following care instructions:

  1. Regular cleaning: Rinse the hose thoroughly after each use to remove residue.
  2. Store dry: Leave the hose dry well before storing to avoid mold growth.
  3. Avoid heat: Store the hose in a cool place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.


Our silicone hose sets new standards in terms of quality, durability and performance. Experience shisha enjoyment on a completely new level and let the outstanding performance convince you. Visit our website today and secure your own silicone hose for unforgettable hookah sessions!

Experience for yourself how our premium silicone hose will revolutionize your hookah experience. Order today at and treat yourself to the best for your shisha session.

Purchasing shisha hoses on the Internet: Wide range in the Dschinni Shisha Online Shop

Buying a shisha hose made easy: Your first choice in the Dschinni Shisha Online Shop

Shisha smoking to perfection: Discover high-quality ones Shisha hoses in the Dschinni Shisha Online Shop


An essential part of a successful shisha experience is undoubtedly the shisha hose. This is an indispensable accessory which, in combination with the mouthpiece and the base, forms the heart of the water pipe. In this article we will talk in detail about the importance of high-quality shisha hoses and present you with the exclusive selection in the renowned Dschinni Shisha Online Shop.

The interaction of hose, mouthpiece and base

Before we dive into the diverse world of shisha hoses, it is important to understand the interaction of these components. The hookah hose, equipped with a mouthpiece, is attached to the base through the hose connection. As soon as the other preparations on your shisha have been completed, nothing stands in the way of enjoyment. The shisha smoke is gently sucked through the water, creating the characteristic bubbling. Lean back and relax after a hard day.

A world full of choice: High-quality shisha hoses at Dschinni Shisha

In the renowned Dschinni Hookah Shisha online shop, a fine selection of high-quality shisha hoses awaits you. Our silicone hoses are characterized by quality and variety. A true shisha lover is guaranteed to find the right hose here, which is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Immerse yourself in the world of colors and shapes and find your perfect companion for enjoyable shisha sessions.

A hose for every style: colorful variety in the shisha hose range

The variety of colors of our shisha hoses reflects the individuality and uniqueness of every shisha enthusiast. Whether you like it subtle or prefer strong colors, the Dschinni Shisha online shop has the right hose for every taste and style. Choose between transparent or black hoses that embody elegance and timelessness. But for those who like it more colourful, we also offer models in green, blue, red and many other color variations. Taking the spotlight is our bestselling Dschinni Ice Bazooka hose set, available in a range of colors including stunning purple, classic black, vibrant blue and bright yellow.

Premium quality: hoses for the highest demands

The Dschinni Shisha online shop attaches great importance to the quality and satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, we not only offer silicone hoses, but also high-quality imitation leather hoses from renowned brands such as Hookah. These hoses not only impress with their durability and longevity, but also with their luxurious appearance. Whether it's synthetic leather or silicone, you can be sure that every hose in our range meets the highest standards.

Your individual style: variety of brands in the Dschinni Shisha Online Shop

Our aim is to offer you a wide range of options to express your individual style. Therefore, we not only stock hoses of different materials, but also from various well-known brands. Whether you prefer the quality of Dschinni or are enthusiastic about the Chicano brands, we have them all in our extensive range. Find the hose that perfectly suits your shisha and your personal taste.


The purchase of a high-quality shisha hose is an important step towards perfect shisha enjoyment. In the Dschinni Shisha Online Shop you can expect a diverse selection of hoses that are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether you prefer it classic, subtle or colourful, you will find it here. Immerse yourself in the world of shisha hoses and find your perfect companion for relaxed and enjoyable moments.


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The Essence of Shisha: Why Shisha Hoses are Crucial to Your Smoking Pleasure

Discover a variety of shisha hoses

The shisha hose is often underestimated when it comes to a successful smoking session. The water pipe market now has a wide variety of hoses, mouthpieces and accessories designed to enhance the smoking experience. In fact, choosing the right hose is crucial, as a "bad" hose can quickly spoil the joy of smoking for any shisha lover.

The importance of the right shisha hose

There are several important aspects that should be considered when choosing a shisha hose to ensure optimal smoking pleasure:

  1. The right length: The hose should be the right length to allow relaxed smoking in a comfortable position.
  2. Appearance and compatibility: The hose should not only be functional, but also visually appealing and match the design of your water pipe.
  3. Flavour neutrality: A high-quality shisha hose should not have its own taste that affects the aroma of your favorite tobacco.

If these criteria are met, nothing stands in the way of a relaxed smoking experience!

The components of a shisha hose

A shisha hose consists of several components that together enable an optimal smoking experience:

  1. hose connection: This connection piece to the base (e.g.B silicone hose end piece) is crucial for the stability and functionality of the hose.
  2. Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece, usually made of glass or metal, is the part of the tube that you put directly in your mouth.
  3. Tube: The actual tube that transports the smoke from the base to the mouthpiece.
  4. Variety of Materials: There are a variety of materials for hoses, including silicone, leather/faux leather, and tea/coffee house hoses.

The importance of the kink protection spring

The kink protection spring is a useful accessory for the shisha hose. It prevents the hose from kinking behind the connector, which can affect the stability of the shisha. Using anti-kink spring ensures smooth smoke flow and stable smoking experience.

Shisha hose sets for beginners

We recommend buying a hose set for beginners. These sets contain all the essential components of a shisha hose and ensure easy and compatible assembly. Hookah hose sets come in a variety of styles and offer an inexpensive way to enhance the smoking experience.

Different types of shisha hoses

There are different types of shisha hoses that differ in terms of material and design:

  1. Silicone hose: The silicone hose is versatile, flexible and tasteless. It offers a wide range of colors and lengths.
  2. Leather hose/Leather hose: These hoses are visually appealing but may be less flexible than silicone hoses.
  3. Tea/coffee hose: These traditional hoses convey an oriental flair and are already connected to the mouthpiece.

The importance of the mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is the part of the tubing that has direct contact with the mouth. Therefore, it should be of high quality and hygienic. Choosing the right mouthpiece depends on personal preference and the type of smoking.

Caring for the mouthpiece and hose

The mouthpiece and hose should be cleaned regularly to ensure optimal smoking quality. Warm water and, if necessary, cleaning agents are suitable for this.

Pros and cons of glass mouthpieces

Glass mouthpieces are easy to clean and tasteless, but can break if dropped.

The importance of color choice

The color of the hookah hose is not only aesthetically relevant, but can also affect the smoking experience. There are a variety of color options, from classic to fancy.

Shisha hoses at Dschinni Shisha

At Shisha-Deluxe you will find a wide selection of high-quality shisha hoses. Our products offer different materials, colors and designs to take your smoking experience to the next level. Order your new shisha hose today and enjoy relaxed smoking sessions with your friends! If you have any questions, we are at your disposal via the contact area.