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Charcoal plate for Dschinni Shisha models: Perfect addition for a stylish and functional setup

The charcoal plates for our Dschinni Shisha models are the perfect complement to round off your Shisha setup both stylishly and functionally. These high-quality charcoal plates have been specially developed for Dschinni Shisha models and offer a practical solution for placing and holding your charcoal while smoking.

Stylish design for an aesthetic hookah presentation

Our charcoal plates are characterized by a stylish design that goes perfectly with the Dschinni Shisha models. They are available in a variety of colors and trims to complement your individual style and taste. The charcoal plate gives your shisha an additional visual appeal and rounds off the overall picture.

Convenient function for safe and stable charcoal placement

The charcoal plate offers a practical function to place your charcoal safely and stably. It prevents the charcoal from falling directly onto the shisha tobacco bowl and helps minimize the risk of falling charcoal. The plate provides a solid base for the charcoal and ensures even heat distribution for an optimal smoking experience.

High quality materials for durability and heat resistance

Our charcoal plates are made of high quality materials that ensure durability and heat resistance. They are usually made of metal such as stainless steel or aluminum to withstand the rigors of hookah smoking. These materials are tough, corrosion resistant, and easy to clean for long-term use.

Compatibility with Dschinni Shisha models for a perfect fit

The charcoal plates are specially designed for the Dschinni Shisha models and offer a perfect fit. They are precisely matched to the dimensions and design of the Dschinni Shisha models to ensure seamless integration and compatibility. So you can be sure that the charcoal plate fits perfectly with your Dschinni Shisha.

Complete your Dschinni Shisha model with a high-quality charcoal plate

Discover our selection of high-quality charcoal plates that have been specially developed for the Dschinni Shisha models. We offer stylish designs, practical functions and a perfect fit for a perfect complement to your Dschinni Shisha. Upgrade your shisha with a quality charcoal plate and enjoy a stylish and functional shisha experience.