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The right charcoal lighter for your shisha experience

Experienced hookah lovers recognize the benefits of natural charcoal and know that a reliable charcoal lighter is necessary for a first-class smoking experience. Electric charcoal lighters are therefore part of the basic equipment for an upscale shisha experience.

Which shisha charcoal lighter should I choose?

Basically, there is hardly anything that when buying a charcoal lighter can be done wrong. However, there are different needs and some models are particularly suitable for certain purposes.

The different types of charcoal lighters

Electric charcoal lighters

Electric charcoal lighters are the most common variant and are ideal for use at home. They are usually compact and can easily be transported to friends. All that is needed is an electrical outlet and enough fresh air.

Gas-powered charcoal lighters

Gas-powered charcoal lighters are rarer and have a higher risk. Nevertheless, they can be useful, e.g. at festivals, when camping or when the shisha is used in places without electricity. Of course you need gas cartridges.

What should I look out for when buying a charcoal lighter?

Shisha accessories should only be bought from specialist dealers such as Dschinni Shisha to avoid danger. All of our charcoal lighters are tested and can be used without hesitation.

How does a charcoal lighter work?

Electric charcoal lighters have a simple construction, usually with a free-standing heating coil that extends accordingly the set power. The principle is similar to an electric heater, in which electrical energy is converted into heat. The pieces of charcoal are placed on the heating coils with charcoal tongs and heated.

Clean the charcoal lighter

Tips for cleaning

After a few deposits can form on the heating rods. Cleaning should only be done when the lighter has completely cooled down. Use only slightly damp tissues and avoid water penetration.

H2: Charcoal temperature

H3: How do I reach the optimal temperature?

The optimal temperature of shisha charcoal varies depending on the lighter and the type of charcoal. The ideal time to remove the charcoal should be determined from experience.

Buy a charcoal lighter from a specialist retailer

Dschinni Shisha offers a wide range of charcoal lighters, from compact models to powerful ones devices for professionals. Customers expect a simple ordering process and fast delivery times.