Barbie Pink Shisha Hookah Wasserpfeife

Barbie Perfection

Enter the magical world of Barbie perfection with our exclusive selection of pink hookahs and hoses! Inspired by the elegance and charm of Barbie, we have put together a collection for you that offers the perfect mix of style and quality. Our pink products are not only a real eye-catcher, they are also of the highest quality and available at unbeatable prices. Be enchanted by the fascination of pink and enjoy your shisha experience to the fullest. Our products are perfect for anyone who wants to combine their passion for barbie and smoking shisha. Discover our unique range now and let yourself be inspired by Barbie perfection!


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Pico Pink Shisha Sets - 1
Offer€119,90 EUR Regular price€126,70 EUR
Spare €10,00
Chucky Clear Sets - Pink - 1
Offer€59,99 EUR Regular price€69,99 EUR
Spare €4,00
Candyhose Silikonschläuche - 1
Offer€5,90 EUR Regular price€9,90 EUR
Spare €3,00
Shisha Silikonschläuche - Weiss - 1
Offer€4,90 EUR Regular price€7,90 EUR
Ersatzbowl Pico (Pinkes Gewinde) - Venom - 1
Ersatzbowl Chucky (Pinkes Gewinde) - Flig Flag - 1